My Story

In spring 2017 I saw my first ASMR video on YouTube by coincidence. Actually I was laying in my bed and checking YouTube for some meditation videos because it was a stressful period in my life. I was unemployed and got one rejection for my applications after another. So I wanted to find a way how I can relax myself with new techniques and handle stress better.

After half an hour of searching meditaion videos on YouTube my first ASMR video which I have ever seen appeared in the YouTube related videos section. I was astonished by the fact that people do whispering in their videos, solely for the purpose of whispering! And I was also astonished by the fact that I liked these videos!? It didn’t take long for me to start to love these ASMR videos, because they relaxed me in a very pleasant way.

I had a YouTube channel before about comedy, but it totally failed. After three years of trying, I gave up on this channel. But I still had the equipment at home to record videos for YouTube. So I thought it would be a interesting project to open a new YouTube channel about ASMR.

The beginning of German Freak ASMR

Today they are not available anymore, but in my first ASMR videos I was just reading texts like you would in a podcast. Then I decided to switch to ASMR eating videos, because I love food and I thought a lot of other people worldwide would love to see what authentic German food looks (and sounds!) like.

And my thoughts were correct! After I published my first videos my community on YouTube grew very fast. A few weeks later I had around 500 subscribers. And a few weeks after that, my channel grew rapidly to 2.000 subscribers. It was a great accomplishment for me.

One of my first ASMR eating videos on YouTube

German Freak after a year

My ASMR channel kept growing. I thought it was time to improve the quality of my videos. I think it is a part of human nature to try and get better in things we do. This counts for me as well. “So what to improve first?”, I thought to myself.

The background noise of my old microphone annoyed me a lot. I tried different microphones and settings. It lasted more than a month to find the right mic that fits the needs of ASMR videos and to figure out a good setting for the most relaxing sounds.

Better video quality 2018

Finding values for my project

Now, we are one and a half year further along the way. The German Freak ASMR community (German Freaks) is still growing well. There’s 11.000 of us now. Wow, outstanding!

I started thinking about what I can do with my project to make the world a little bit better. Where do I want to go with German Freak ASMR? And the answer is: I want to create value, I want to create something valuable in my life! I will constantly improve my video quality for you guys to offer you the best ASMR relaxing sounds ever. Promised!

I am eating tons of food on my channel, but in other parts of the world people are hungry every day. So my first idea was to give something back. Each month I donate some bucks to UNICEF. On my channel you will also find a donation link to UNICEF to do this as well.

Another one of my ideas is that I would like to exchange thoughts with other people around the world about culture and food and let my community be part of it. I did my first video collaboration with Serbian East ASMR. It was really cool and we are still in touch.

Serbian Eats ASMR video collabo

German Freak ASMR project in the future

With my work I also want to encourage my community to get better in things they are doing. Personal growth is an amazing experience. But personal growth is always connected to making mistakes and failing. The main thing you should do after failing: get up and try again until you achieve your goal! For example, it took me a lot if time to figure out how to create good ASMR eating videos. All this new knowlegde about sound quality and software was challenging.

I have definitely failed many times in my life as well. When I came to Berlin in 2014 I wanted to become an entrepreneur. I just started a small website project from scratch. Back then I thought I would run a super good business. I tried hard for two years. The result? It totally failed and I was broke as fuck. It was one of the most important life lessons for me. I learned that it is important to fail (because only by failing you learn the most valuable lessons), but then it’s also important to stand up and just try again.

New style of ASMR eating videos from 2019

At the beginning of 2019 I decided to change the way how I record my ASMR eating videos and started to show half of my face.

ASMR eating half face video 2019

ASMR eating full face video 2019

But this is not the end of the German Freak ASMR evolution. End of 2019 I bought inspired by Run-D.M.C. a yellow ADIDAS jogging suit and finally made the face reveal.

ASMR eating 2020

Keep in touch with German Freak ASMR and if you still haven’t subscribed yet, subscribe now to my ASMR eating YouTube channel and be part of the beautiful German Freak community and its beliefs!

Freaklicious greetings,

German Freak ASMR aka Dennis straight outta Berlin in Germany