Who is Binaural Eats ASMR?

Binaural Eats ASMR is a cool guy from US (state of Michigan) with more than 40K subscribers. His name is Thomas. He does ASMR videos in talking and without talking style. Thomas always has some nice and funny stories to tell in his videos.

In my opinion Binaural Eats ASMR is one of the best and most natural ASMR food artists on YouTube.

Binaural Eats ASMR video

Facts about Binaural Eats ASMR

Some interesting facts about Binaural Eats ASMR.

YouTube channel
Binaural Eats ASMR
GenreASMR eating (talking, no talking), mukbang
Subscribers> 40.000
Total views> 7 mio.
Real nameThomas
Favorite dish
Date of birth
Country of birth