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Hungry Cakes and German Freak ASMR collaboration

Hungry Cakes and me decided to make a funny collaboration where we eat the same food in the same video but on a split screen.

I know Hungry Cakes channel since more than two years. Only a short while after I started German Freak ASMR on YouTube I saw some of her videos appearing in my video suggestions.

During this time, I had less than 1.000 subscribers but one day she commented one of my videos and gave me some positive feedback. That was really great. I remember it was a ASMR eating video with some authentic German sausages. Since then I am following her creat content on YouTube.

Hungry Cakes and German Freak ASMR collabo

For the collaboration we prepared two videos. For each video everybody chose his favourite burger fast food chain. I usually prefer McDonalds. Hungry Cakes chose for Burger King. In the first video we both are eating Big Macs from McDonalds. In the second video we are eating a Whopper menu from Burger King.

ASMR Burger King Whopper Meal

In our ASMR eating videos you have also the opportunity to see the difference between American burger and German burger.

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