Who is Hungry Cakes?

May I introduce you Hungry Cakes? A super nice YouTuber from US. Her real name is Becky and she is living with her family somewhere in California. But she was born and raised in the Philippines.

I started watching her videos when she had something like 80K subscribers. Now more than 600K people subscribed to her ASMR eating and mukbang channel on YouTube. This is an outstanding performance same as Crunchy ASMR!

I think she is so successful because of her wonderful personality, her good vibes and of course because of her great ASMR eating and mukbang videos!

Hungry Cakes & German Freak ASMR collabo video

Facts about Hungry Cakes

Some interesting facts about Hungry Cakes.

YouTube channel
Hungry Cakes
GenreASMR eating (talking, no talking), mukbang
Subscribers> 600.000
Total views> 150.000.000
Real nameBecky
Favorite dish
Date of birth
Country of birthPhilippines
Southern California