Who is nomnomsammieboy?

Well, this is nomnomsammieboy from New York City. He seems to be also very hungry guy which is very good attitude for an ASMR foodie. nomnomsammieboy does ASMR eating videos in very different ways. But he ist not only eating alone. His girlfriend (sammiegirl) is also uploading ASMR videos.

Sometimes nomnomsammieboy is streaming video games on his channel as well. I really like his Instagram account actually. He is posting interesting pictures from New Yorkers there!

nomnomsammieboy ASMR video

Facts about nomnomsammieboy

Some interesting facts about nomnomsammieboy.

YouTube channel
GenreASMR eating (talking, no talking), mukbang
Subscribers> 70.000
Total views> 18.000.000
Real name
Favorite dish
Date of birth
Country of birth
New York City