Who is SAS-ASMR?

With SAS-ASMR we have a very popular ASMR foodie out there. Recently she entered the 5 million subscribers and has almost 1 billions views on YouTube. This is just crazy. I think she might be one of the biggest ASMR foodies worldwide.

SAS-ASMR is living in Canada right now but she is eating food from all around the world. She started also a second channel on YouTube where she is vlogging about her life.

SAS-ASMR video

Facts about SAS-ASMR

Some interesting facts about SAS-ASMR.

YouTube channel
GenreASMR eating (talking, no talking), mukbang
Subscribers> 7.5 mio.
Total views> 1.5 bil.
Real name
Favorite dish
Date of birth
Country of birth