German Freaks

German Freak ASMR (#gfasmr) is not only about ASMR eating sounds and food. My dream is to establish a special and meaningful community which stands for serveral values:

  1. Be open.
  2. Be committed.
  3. Be thankful.
  4. Be a savorer.

A German Freak is open for other food cultures and different cultures in general

If you are a member of the German Freak community (a German Freak), you probably noticed that I am not only offering you German food in my ASMR eating videos. I also try to show you food from all over the world.

For example I made a video collaboration with Serbian Eats ASMR, a video about Czech sweets, Polish dumplings, Italian pasta, etc. The world is colorful and as well is food! I want to show you the variety in the world of awesome (!) foods.

A German Freak like to share

The German Freak community is growing well. More and more subscribers are joining every day to watch my ASMR eating videos. I am super happy about this. I am also happy that I can earn some money with it. But I also want to give something back. That’s why I am donating minimum 10 percent of my YouTube earnings each month to UNICEF. I especially choose UNICEF because they help people to get access to food.

A German Freak is thankful for good food

That also means that not everybody on this planet has access to good food or food in general. That’s super sad because actually there is enough food available. It is just about the missing distribution. So it is important to appreciate and being thankful every day to have access to good food is also important. Food is not just food, food is life!

A German Freak prefers quality before quantity

I know a lot of people are watching ASMR videos because of the all the different sounds that give amazing tingles. Good ASMR sounds can help people to relax and let them fall asleep easier.

With my videos I want to offer my viewers the best ASMR sounds that you can find in my ASMR category (ASMR eating). I am trying to improve my videos frequently to offer you better video and sound quality. It also means that I do not mass-produce content. Quality before quantity!

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